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Welcome to Pixel Art Studios

Hurry and get on the  holiday list... 12 sets  will be available between September 1st and Christmas. It takes 1 week to complete a set so if you are hoping to give a loved one or yourself one as a Christmas gift please Email me asap. Thank you 


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For those of us 'Thirty-somethings' who spent the best hours of our childhood playing video games or want our younger gamers to discover & experience the joys and challenges of classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega & Atari: We have created the ULTIMATE GAME ROOM FURNITURE for your personal space!

Imagine your own custom-designed man cave (or ladies loft). Turn your home, basement, game room or office into the ultimate gamers dream. Created by a group of craftsmen whose only goal is to showcase all things in retro video gaming.

Choose from:

-A functional coffee table that is an exact replica of your favorite game console with over 400 games on a built in custom hard drive, 2 wireless controllers, electrical outlets and USB ports are available and lighting inside and underneath

-End tables that look like your chosen game cartridges

-Serving trays that replicate controllers

-Nostalgic artwork in the unique pixel styles you loved as a kid... supersized as posters, shelves, headboards, etc. You dream it: we make it!

Cartridge wall art.

And much much more...

Check out our photos and imagine your bedroom, den, garage, basement - hell, why not your living room? - designed as a Pixelated Paradise

The originals

The leaders in high quality custom videogame furniture

We are the originals in custom videogame furniture and wall art. Anything to do with retro video game art we can do. We launched in 2009 with our original  7 piece NES furniture set and have been only taking part time custom  order the last  2 years we  are under new management  and are taking full time orders but please understand it is a first come first serve basis,. Limited sets will be available each year due to the build time. Each table is uniquely hand crafted to the last detail and all hand painted no stickers or decals here..these are not cheap hollow plywood boxes I only use the best hardwoods and hand make each piece myself. I am a master craftsman with 2o years working with wood. 

( plz see skill gallery ) this is art to me first and then video game furniture its mors than just a video game coffee table ...  plz get on the list. Dont miss out.

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We take pride in our products

Every piece is different. All hand made and painted with the best materials.  Customize your order today

Coming soon

* June 25th 7 piece Sega Genesis line with custom hard drive; Preloaded with over 150 original Sega titles 

* July 25th Super Nintendo (Very limited amount will be made) 8 piece set and  fully loaded with over 200 SNES titles.

Stay tuned and subscribe. We have tons of new wall art being released this summer and something huge planned for Christmas


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